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O gigante da América

Film Information

Exhibition Title O gigante da América
English Title The Giant of America
Director Júlio Bressane
Year 1978
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 95'
  • Jece Valadão, José Lewgoy, Rogéria, Wilson Gray, Maria Gladys
  • G: Júlio Bressane
  • F: Renato Laclete, Júlio Bressane
  • E: Leovigildo Cordeiro
  • DA: Oscar Ramos, Luciano Figuereido
  • P: Ricardo Moreira, Luiz Carlos Assumpção, Carminha Paulinho
  • PE: Luiz Carlos Assumpção
  • CP: Magnus Filmes
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The film ironically narrates the journey of a native soul through Hell, Purgatory and Paradise. In the beginning of this journey without return the main character finds a platinum blonde felt on earth, covered with yellow and green cloths and asking for help. The two of them begin an adventure. In this universal periplus around America, whose path seems to have been written by Dante Alighieri, the character finds ghosts of important figures from the new continent, making and listening to memorable speeches.


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