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As ondas

Film Information

Exhibition Title As ondas
English Title The Waves
Director Miguel Fonseca
Year 2011
Format DM
Colour Color
Duration 22'
  • Andreia Contreiras, Alice Contreiras
  • G: Miguel Fonseca
  • F: Mário Castanheira
  • E: Sandro Aguilar
  • S: António Figueiredo
  • P: Sandro Aguilar, Luís Urbano
  • CP: O Som e a Fúria
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The Portuguese coast. A splendorous ocean. Magnificent waves. Wide and rather unpopulated beaches. Two sisters and their relationship: their dependency on each other and their sharp differences. One of them is vital: she surfs and seduces. The other one is weaker; she has a fragile health and is less open to the world. This short film by Miguel Fonseca sets the landscape, the atmospheres, and the sounds. But it does so without neglecting the storytelling: As ondas depicts strong emotions and subtle pains. The smallest and more hurtful details of a sisterly relationship are framed against a landscape that is casted with incredible power. JPF

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