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Film Info

Film Information

Exhibition Title Miramar
English Title Miramar
Director Júlio Bressane
Year 1997
Format Digibeta
Colour Color + B&W
Duration 82'
  • João Babelo, Giulia Gam, Diego Vilela, Lovise Cardoso, Bia Nunes
  • G: Júlio Bressane
  • F: José Tadeu Ribeiro
  • E: Virgínia Flores
  • DA: Rosa Dias
  • S: Toninho Murici
  • M: Lívio Tragtenberg
  • P: Júlio Bressane
  • PE: Marta Fernandes Braga
  • CP: Kabuki Produções Culturais
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The suicide of the wealthy parents is liberating for the young waster Miramar. Armed with a 16mm camera he resolves to film anything that moves. He wants to make a film “without a story”, an art film, a film that shows naked reality. Miramar’s universe is that of a naïve and morbid cinephile: with the essays of Eisenstein under his arm, the dialogues of Cocteau in his head and the gaze of the great Hollywood classics, he sets off with his camera. Miramar is a dynamic film about growing up, dunked in an ever-present self-mockery.


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