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O batuque dos astros

Film Information

Exhibition Title O batuque dos astros
English Title The Drumming Beat of Stars
Director Júlio Bressane
Year 2012
Format Digibeta
Colour Color
Duration 74'
  • G: Júlio Bressane, Rosa Dias
  • F: Júlio Bressane, Zelito Vianna
  • E: Rodrigo Lima
  • S: Aurélio Dias
  • M: Guilherme Vaz
  • P: Zelito Viana, Júlio Bressane
  • CP: TB Produções, Mapa Filmes
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On a street in Lisbon, sitting on a café a few meters away from a sculpture of Fernando Pessoa, Bressane discretely records the people who come to have their pictures taken with the great Portuguese poet. In his last film, Bressane’s documentary style works with an eminently self-referential taxidermist spirit, through which he leans towards impressionist narrative structures in order to pay a moving homage to Fernando Pessoa, while celebrating beauty expelled from its everyday warrens.


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