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Film Info
The Beautiful + The Sublime

Film Information

Exhibition Title The Beautiful + The Sublime
Directors Tanja Raman
Sandra Harnish-Lacey
Year 2012
Format DM
Colour Color
Duration 11'
  • The Beautiful
  • D: Tanja Raman, John Collingswood
  • The sublime
  • D: Sandra Harnish-Lacey
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One of the aims of the Submergence trilogy –an initiative by producer Coero Cymru together with the Art Council of Wales, and of which these are the first two installments– is to connect the varied landscapes of Wales with elements of contemporary dance. With this premise, The Beautiful follows the spiritual path of a dancer who travels through different chakras until he reaches the maximum state of illumination. And in The Sublime choreographer Sandra Harnish-Lacey captures, on different locations, scenes of parkour and breakdance that merge with both urban and natural elements.

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