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Film Info
Oh Yeah, She Performs!

Film Information

Exhibition Title Oh Yeah, She Performs!
Director Mirjam Unger
Year 2012
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 101'
  • Clara Luzia, Gustav, Luise Pop, Teresa Rotschopf
  • G: Mirjam Unger, Veronika Weidinger
  • F: Eva Testor
  • E: Karina Ressler
  • S: Peter Utvary, Axel Traun, Claus Pitsch, Oliver Brunbauer, Alexander Gerhardt, Klaus Kellermann,
  • Andreas Pils, Martin Vetters, Robert Winkler
  • M: Clara Luzia, Gustav, Luise Pop, Teresa Rotschopf, Bunny Lake
  • P: Nina Kusturica, Eva Testor
  • PE: Sandra Gigerl, Regina Breitfellner
  • CP: Mobilefilm
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Four Austrian singers/songwriters –Gustav, Clara Luzia, Teresa Rotschopf and Luise Pop– with their respective bands, in a fascinating cinematic reportage exploring their creative processes and performances. The musicians never meet over the course of the film, but their statements are closely interlinked. They talk about empowerment through productivity or the long overdue introduction of fully legitimate and unconditional equal rights – without it coming across as a catalogue of demands. The sad fact that women are still being patronised for being “not too bad” as musicians (because they excel in all areas and not, as is the norm, “only” as singers) is flabbergasting to those receiving the “praise” –a mockery in face of such obvious professionalism and compelling visions– and this in the 21st century! Not least because of these issues, Oh Yeah, She Performs! is also political, examining social issues in a radical and critical light. And the music… it bursts from the speakers; inserts with keywords from the lyrics make the songs even more accessible –this method has an almost haptic feel to it; the words come at us and pierce us to our core. BF


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