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Shut Up and Play the Hits

Film Information

Exhibition Title Shut Up and Play the Hits
Director Dylan Southern & Will Lovelace
Year 2012
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 108'
  • F: Reed Morano
  • E: Mark Burnett
  • DA: John Furgason
  • S: Jesse Flower-Ambroch
  • M: LCD Soundsystem
  • P: Lucas Ochoa, Thomas Benski, James Murphy
  • PE: Keith Wood, Christine Vachon
  • CP: The Creators Project, Pulse Films
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Shut Up and Play the Hits is set up in three moves: 1) the recording of LCD Soundsystem’s last concert before their breakup, held at the Madison Square Garden on April 2nd, 2011. 2) An interview writer and journalist Chuck Klosterman made with James Murphy, the leader of the band, a week before this last performance. 3) The follow up to the day after the concert, when Murphy wakes up and LCD Soundsystem is no longer there. Each one of these three blocks are interspersed throughout the film and have special characteristics: the first one is a party-closing, career ending concert that is as moving as The Last Waltz, but shot with the same courage as Stop Making Sense (it’s as if we the spectators are also on the stage) The second one is the portrait of a talented hipster who got tired of being so. And the third one is the setting for a bummer: the sadness of someone who decides to orchestrate his own funeral and wakes up the next day only to embrace nothingness. JP


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