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La mamá de mi abuela le contó a mi abuela

Film Information

Exhibition Title La mamá de mi abuela le contó a mi abuela
English Title My Grandmother’s Mother Told My Grandmother
Director Ignacio Agüero
Year 2004
Format DM
Colour Color
Duration 70'
  • Héctor Noguera, Antonio Valdés, Galo Amigo, Erasmo Muñoz, Hernán Castillo
  • G, P, PE: Ignacio Agüero
  • F: Inti Briones
  • E: Sophie França
  • S: Filmosonido
  • CP: Ignacio Agüero & Asoc.
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In this excellent documentary, Ignacio Agüero deconstructs the origins of Chilean society. With the excuse of inquiring about the birth of the Villa Alegre town in the state of Lonconilla, Agüero puts his own protagonists on the screen, and not only does he make them speak and validate the tradition of oral storytelling as a founding element of a nation, he also makes them play different roles, representing their ancestors who, in the end, are none other than themselves. Mixing mythical stories with urban legends, true stories, and staged representations, Agüero builds his documentary with an objective he fulfills with flying colors: narrating the genealogy of a nation, building a foundational story where masters, natives, landlords, demons, workers, actors, directors, and students all form the collective group that tradition is supposed to be. With a sharp political perspective that never undermines military or religious elements, My Grandmother’s Mother... is a fine example of the contemporary documentary genre.


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