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Taller de flamenco

Film Information

Exhibition Title Taller de flamenco
Director Alfonso Camacho
Year 2013
Format DM
Colour Color + B&W
Duration 69'
  • María Luque, Yannick Corre, Francisco Álvarez, Juan Torres
  • F, E, P: Alfonso Camacho
  • G: Alfonso Camacho, Cristina Ultreia Silva
More info:


February through May, 2009, the last months in the life of the CSOA (self-managed occupied social center). In what used to be a hat factory before it was emptied and later abandoned, the camera tries to document a weekly flamenco singing workshop. That process becomes a frustrated search, a series of tests with every variation of flamenco singing that is taught and learned: farrucas, soleares, seguiriyas, tarantos, bulerías, granaínas, alegrías and tientos-tangos. The result is a film as incomplete and truncated as the workshop and the physical space it depicts –both of them are projects still in construction, unfinished, and frustrated. It’s also a film that tries to keep the same connection with flamenco the characters have: it makes a unstylish portrait, shredding its solemnity and letting it speak Andalucian (according to the canons in Antonio Machado Álvarez “Demófilo”, from his Collection of Flamenco Songs), thus suggesting a vindication of its current validity and an extension of its possible ranges. MC


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