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Film Info

Film Information

Exhibition Title Eolomea
Director Herrmann Zschoche
Year 1972
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 83'
  • Cox Habbema, Iwan Andonow, Wsewolod Sanajew, Rolf Hoppe, Wolfgang Greese
  • G: Angel Wagenstein
  • F: Günter Jaeuthe
  • E: Helga Gentz
  • M: Günther Fischer
  • P: Dorothea Hildebrandt
  • CP: DEFA
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In a distant future, eight spaceships disappear suddenly without a trace. Dr. Maria Scholl begins her investigation of the situation by calling for the absolute grounding of all spacecraft until a conclusion regarding the final whereabouts of the missing spaceships has been reached. At a world conference, Scholl finds a certain Dr. Olo Tal to be at odds with her over this decision to ban all space-flight until further notice. Quickly, Scholl realizes that Tal knows far more about the case than he lets on.


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