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Film Info
Soy mucho mejor que vos

Film Information

Exhibition Title Soy mucho mejor que vos
English Title Much Better Than You
Director Che Sandoval
Year 2013
Format DCP
Colour Color
Duration 85'
  • Sebastián Brahm, Antonella Costa
  • G: Che Sandoval
  • F: Eduardo Bunster
  • E: Manuela Piña, Andrea Chignoli
  • DA: Javiera Espinosa
  • S: Gonzalo Ulloa
  • P: Soledad Santelices
  • CP: Caleidoscopio, Don Quijote Films, Punk on Palta, Darrel
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Much Better Than You is a spin-off –that is, a derivate from Che Sandoval’s first film You Think You’re the Prettiest But You Are the Sluttiest. A secondary character from that story is now the lead here: Cristóbal, a forty-year old man who is separated (or is just about to) and on a personal crisis concerning his life, his family, his wife who is about to move to Spain with their kids, and a scholarship. Cristóbal goes through the night and day of Santiago with a wish of “reassuring himself as a man”. Che Sandoval’s films –filled with well-spoken words– are entitled with an apparently sexist vision, only to reveal themselves as portraits of an agonistic, pathetic male nature: a man in perpetual conflict struggling against both his wife and all women, but also other men. It is a type of aggression that’s disguised as seduction and conquest in order to avoid looking inside oneself. Once again, the city streets; once again, a tour from one failure to another; once again, a filmmaker who bets on the kind of comedy that strips off its characters through elaborately baroque dialogues and situations that nevertheless present themselves with so much precision that they sound fresh, close, and believable. JPF


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