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Film Info
La casa del sol naciente

Film Information

Exhibition Title La casa del sol naciente
Director Samuel Fuller
Year 1965
Format DCP
Colour Color
Duration 102'
  • Robert Ryan, Robert Stack, Shirley Yamaguchi, Cameron Mitchell, Brad Dexter
  • G: Harry Kleiner, Samuel Fuller
  • F: Joe MacDonald
  • E: James B. Clark
  • DA: Addison Hehr, Lyle R. Wheeler
  • S: Harry M. Leonard, John D. Stack
  • M: Leigh Harline
  • P: Buddy Adler
  • CP: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
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A blood-spilled train robbery leads investigator Robert Stack to follow the steps of a gangster band led by Robert Ryan, an American working in Japan. With a story that at times seems incomplete, this is not the most densely constructed film by the master of art brut, but it is a sample of what we’ll see in his later work (Ryan’s outfit, with its exceptional sense of loyalty and fidelity provides the first image of American and European gangsters as “zen samurais”, a legacy that would later extend to The Samurai and Ghost Dog), especially in his masterful and almost unprecedented use of the widescreen format. Fuller built an austere setting based on Japanese architecture, with symmetrical compositions that break every time violent bursts in, creating an overwhelming dynamics: the impact of Ryan’s first appearance, an explosive entrance through a broken wall, is unlike any other scene in modern cinema. CH


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