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El diario de Agustín

Film Information

Exhibition Title El diario de Agustín
English Title Agustín’s Newspaper
Director Ignacio Agüero
Year 2008
Format DM
Colour Color
Duration 80'
  • Arturo Fontaine, Manuel Antonio Garretón, John Dinges, Raquel Correa, Álvaro Puga
  • PE: Ignacio Agüero
  • G: Ignacio Agüero, Fernando Villagrán
  • F: Gabriel Díaz, Ricardo Lorca
  • E: Sophie França
  • S: Filmosonido
  • M: Giorgio Varas, Claudio López
  • P: Ignacio Agüero, Fernando Villagrán
  • CP: Ignacio Agüero & Asoc., Amazonia Films
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Who is Agustín Edwards really? And how did his newspaper El Mercurio became a political agent behind the overthrowing of Salvador Allende’s government and the following rise of Augusto Pinochet’s military dictatorship? Ignacio Agüero poses the question and follows a group of students and researchers from the University of Chile in order to unravel the mystery. El Mercurio has been the most influential and powerful newspaper throughout the history of Chile. Its role during Pinochet’s dictatorship may very well be the most taboo subject in recent Chilean history. Agustín’s Newspaper reveals how the newspaper misinformed, concealed information, and promoted the violation of human rights, in a sort of pending trial for which the film summons agents of the dictatorship, the newspaper directors and journalists, victims of repression, their families and lawyers. And that makes this an imperious film.



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