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La discoteca del amor

Film Information

Exhibition Title La discoteca del amor
English Title The Disco of Love
Director Adolfo Aristarain
Year 1980
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 90'
  • Cacho Castaña, Ricardo Darín, Carlos del Burgo, Arturo Maly, Tincho Zabala
  • G: Adolfo Aristarain
  • F: Horacio Maira
  • E: Carlos Julio Piaggio, Eduardo López
  • DA: Kathy Saavedra
  • S: Daniel Castronuovo
  • M: Emilio Kauderer
  • P: Héctor Olivera, Fernando Ayala, Mario Kaminsky, Norberto Kaminsky
  • CP: Aries, Microfon
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(…) Featuring the same rhythm, the same relaxed capacity for adventure, and the noir touches he used in The Lion’s Share, The Disco of Love is an unavoidable party “Cachorro” would have hailed to with all the passion and ecstasy a cinephile could express. Here, there are also two sets of rivals: the cassette pirates and the one formed by a veteran private detective, his apprentice, a disc-jockey couple (the station is called El Dorado), a dumb blonde, and her protective uncle. The “issue” doesn’t matter here, and the important thing, as we all know, is “how it was made”. Aristarain has drawn from a situation similar to the first films by Richard Quine in the early Fifties, with actors in radio studios and songs, but turning it into a tribute to 1940s Warner –James Cagney included. (…) The whole clan’s entrance into the skating track, with the proper music score, is one of the most impressive scenes in Argentine film history, and it warns us about who is today our biggest working filmmaker. “Call Thomas Gómez”. “Call Adolfo Aristarain”. RT (“Don’t stop pushing, Adolfo (Call Thomas Gómez)” in El Amigo Americano #1, 1980)

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