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Dime quién era Sanchicorrota

Film Information

Exhibition Title Dime quién era Sanchicorrota
English Title Tell Me About Sanchicorrota
Director Jorge Tur Moltó
Year 2013
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 63'
  • F: Jorge Tur Moltó
  • G: Jorge Tur Moltó, Virginia García del Pino
  • E: Virginia García del Pino
  • S: Eduardo Durand
  • CP: Fundación INAAC
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That’s how legends are printed: with a lot of confusion. Each person transmits an oral tale as they heard it from the mouth of their elders. If they’re in the proper mood that day, they might add something of their own to it, and in a radius of just a few kilometers it will end up with a crazy multiple shape plagued with contradictory data that, yes, will also have some recurrent feats that repeat like a chorus. Jorge Tur travels to the Bardenas Park in Navarra and poses a very simple question to its people: who was Sanchicorrota? The 15th century outlaw who robbed the rich and shared the loot with the poor? The polite bandit? The seducer? The clever criminal? The noble and unbreakable thief who preferred suicide to imprisonment? With a devilish sense of humor and a healthy demythologizing manner, Tur addresses the complex and overexposed issue of collective memory. The unexpected finding of some skeletons in a cabin will shift the tone of the testimonies and the film itself, moving it towards the recent history of the Bardenas, a past that is near and painful like an open wound for several generations. FG


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