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Film Info

Film Information

Exhibition Title Vamps
Director Amy Heckerling
Year 2012
Format DM
Colour Color
Duration 93'
  • Alicia Silverstone, Krysten Ritter, Dan Stevens, Sigourney Weaver, Richard Lewis
  • G: Amy Heckerling
  • F: Tim Suhrstedt
  • E: Debra Chiate
  • DA: Eric Donaldson, Dan Leigh
  • S: Rick Ash
  • M: David Kitaygorodsky
  • P: Lauren Versel, Molly Hassell, Stuart Cornfeld, Maria Teresa Arida, Adam Brightman
  • PE: Stanislaw Tyczynski, Julie Kroll, Kamal Nahas
  • CP: Lucky Monkey Pictures, Red Hour Films
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It’s hard to define this (beautiful) film with better words than those used by Michael Sicinski on the winter 2013 issue of Cinema Scope magazine: “Heckerling’s film is funny, and the vampires who dominate pop culture today take themselves with undeadly seriousness. In Vamps, Heckerling has produced a film that is, in equal measure, silly, corny, besotted by cinema, melancholy, feminist, literate, childlike, commercial, and fully auteurist”. The story features two vampire women trying to fit in today’s world. They’re both non-drinkers (i.e., they don’t bite humans to quench their thirst and attend a self-help group for vampires of that condition). One is pretty older than the other and has already been disappointed with this living forever thing, while her roommate is at the height of falling in love and still hasn’t experienced the weight of loss. The story’s antagonist: the 21st century. Our heroine’s weapons: an unleashed classicism at both ends of the camera. The outcome: the good guys win. MP

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