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Film Info
Exit Elena

Film Information

Exhibition Title Exit Elena
Director Nathan Silver
Year 2012
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 72'
  • Kia Davis, Cindy Silver, Jim Chiros, Gert O’Connell, Nathan Silver
  • D, P: Nathan Silver
  • G: Nathan Silver, Kia Davis
  • F: David Dahlbom
  • E: Nathan Silver, Kia Davis, Cody Stokes
  • S: Arjun G. Sheth
  • M: Washington Phillips
  • PE: Harvey L. Silver
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Elena, a young nurse fresh out of school takes an in-house job looking after an old lady. The old lady doesn’t live alone: she’s with her son and her daughter-in-law. Plus, a cat, and later, a returning son, the grandson of the old lady Elena takes care of. The old lady’s daughter-in-law is the core where all the different neurosis circulating in the house are running through. Elena watches, learns, takes distance, comes closer, takes care and lets herself being taken care of. Nathan Silver directs, writes, and acts like that returning son, and directs her mother who plays her mother and stands as a fundamental character, the crucial interaction for Elena. A low-budget comedy with large-size accomplishments: in its dialogues, its situations, its unease, the raw way in which describes the prices one pays for not being alone –or for being alone and accompanied. Right in the combination of ferociousness and tenderness is where this hyperactive filmmaker makes his appearance (we also offer you Soft in the Head in the Panorama section), proving that his closeness to the characters does not make his eye less sharp. JPF


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