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Film Info
I used to be darker

Film Information

Exhibition Title I used to be darker
Director Matt Porterfield
Year 2013
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 89'
  • Deragh Campbell, Hannah Gross, Ned Oldham, Kim Taylor, Nick Petr
  • D: Matt Porterfield
  • G: Amy Belk, Matt Porterfield
  • F: Jeremy Saulnier
  • E: Marc Vives
  • S: Danny Meltzer
  • P: Eric Bannat, Steve Holmgren, Ryan Zacarias
  • CP: Hamilton Film Group, Steady Orbits, Nomadic Independence Pictures
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Slowly, things fade out, and everything that was shared in the past now suddenly weighs like ballast. Irrevocably, for Kim and Bill it’s time to establish new priorities and drop that ballast. Bill writes songs, Kim writes songs, and now they don’t even have that in common. Overwhelmed by the responsibility of being the family’s main support, Bill starts to put his music career on the corner. Meanwhile, Kim grabs an impulse, expands her number of fans, and has an affair with one of her musicians. It’s the inevitable time of letting him be. In this acute context, their teenage daughter Abby starts to become the unrewarding figure of emotional hostage. Until something unexpected happens: her young cousin from Northern Ireland comes to visit, and she will be her refuge in the middle of the crisis. I Used to Be Darker is the confirmation of Matt Porterfield as a filmmaker who is capable of capturing states of existence as fragile as a young woman’s jump to adulthood, or a couple’s fatal decline –moments of change we witness as in a revelation that goes from darkness to the light, and then takes us back to darkness. F


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