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A World Not Ours

Film Information

Exhibition Title A World Not Ours
Original Title Alam laysa lana
Director Mahdi Fleifel
Year 2012
Format HD
Colour Color + B&W
Duration 93'
  • Ahmad Mufleh Alaeddine aka “Abu Osama”, Said Mufleh Alaeddine, Bassam “Abu Eyad” Taha
  • G, F: Mahdi Fleifel
  • E: Michael Aaglund
  • S: Zhe Wu
  • M: Jon Opstad
  • P: Patrick Campbell, Mahdi Fleifel
  • CP: Nakba FilmWorks
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Ain al-Hilweh means “sweet springtime”. And it is also the name of a Palestine refugee camp in southern Lebanon. It’s a cage –a one square kilometer labyrinth of hallways where 70,000 refuges cram together. Mahdi Fleifel, director of A World Not Ours, spent part of his childhood there in the 1980s. He later moved with his parents to Denmark, and Ain al-Hilweh became the place he would go back to on vacations, where he would reunite with family and friends, where he would unsuccessfully attempt to redraw his own identity over and over again. Fleifel builds his film out of the video footage from each visit, with a tone that at times echoes Woody Allen in his Radio Days years, dragging the spectator from laughter to the outmost sadness in a matter of seconds. In the end, and apart from any occasional reference to the eternally unresolved conflict, A World Not Ours –like Albertina Carri’s The Blondes– is an impulsively political film from a perspective that’s intimate, emotional, familiar, domestic, or whatever you want to call it. FG


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