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Film Info
Los últimos días de la víctima

Film Information

Exhibition Title Los últimos días de la víctima
English Title Last Days of the Victim
Director Adolfo Aristarain
Year 1982
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 90'
  • Federico Luppi, Ulises Dumont, Arturo Maly, Julio de Grazia, Soledad Silveyra
  • G: Adolfo Aristarain, José Pablo Feinmann
  • F: Horacio Maira
  • E: Eduardo López
  • DA: Abel Facello
  • S: Daniel Castronuovo
  • M: Emilio Kauderer
  • P: Héctor Olivera, Luis Osvaldo Repetto
  • CP: Aries
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(…) Mendizábal, the main character, is a hitman whose efficiency has always been based on the cleanness and swiftness of his work. Once and again, the victim has been an object that needs to be discarded, with no need to ask why. One day, the opposite thing will happen: the obligation of investigating, of knowing the target and his environment, hideout, and women. Ever since we see the man in trouble at a chess game, we can see his lingering humanity, the margins of his doubts, a psychological background that lacks no repressions. (…) The film is conceived as a regular and inexorable march by this man who conceals his dissatisfactions. The character’s features set differences between Last Days of the Victim and its predecessors in a now clear trilogy. (…) What remains are the borders of amorality and the jungle of pursuing success, again, as the portrait of a time and a society, for those who are able to notice or discover it. All in all, the people that move through the film barely live or feel at all, surviving at any cost. When they don’t, they can be no more. (...) JMC (“Film noir, Argentine-style” in Clarín, 4/9/1982)

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