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Shepherds’ Journey into the Third Millenium

Film Information

Exhibition Title Shepherds’ Journey into the Third Millenium
Original Title Hirtenreise ins dritte Jahrtausend
Director Erich Langjahr
Year 2002
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 124'
  • G, F, E: Erich Langjahr
  • S: Silvia Haselbeck
  • M: Hans Kennel
  • CP: Langjahr-Film
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Following Alpine Ballade and The Peasants’ War, Shepherds’ Journey into the Third Millennium is the third film of a trilogy in which I deal with the fundamental issues of human beings and their existence. One of the oldest cultural forms of human existence is that of the shepherd. In its essence it is of economic interest even today, and also embodies a distinct lifestyle and worldview. I wanted to get to know the life of today’s shepherds on the threshold of the third millennium. In a time of upheaval and changes in values between tradition and future, the film is also an expression of my own inner conflict. The shepherds in the film take on a life of privation and face a challenge that often reaches the limit of their capacities. They do not come from an agricultural background, but have chosen this life themselves out of a need for the freedom to do something meaningful.



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