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Alpine Saga

Film Information

Exhibition Title Alpine Saga
Original Title Das Erbe der Bergler
Director Erich Langjahr
Year 2006
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 97'
  • G, F, E: Erich Langjahr
  • S: Silvia Haselbeck
  • M: Hans Kennel
  • CP: Langjahr-Film
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Erich Langjahr returns to his beloved Alps (the very core of his cinematic universe) to document a group of people continuing the legacy of their forefathers. Every year on Swiss national day, August 1, the Wildheuer (the last remaining mountain haymakers in the Muotatal, a valley in Canton Schwyz) climb up the steep mountain of the “Hinteren Heubrig”, fitted out with scythes and wearing wooden shoes with spikes, just as their ancestors did before them. They are part of a generation who have lived with the challenges of nature and survived it. In his film, Langjahr’s poetic realism gives an insight into these people’s experience of the simple life, the very foundation of human existence.


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