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Film Info
Antonio Gil

Film Information

Exhibition Title Antonio Gil
Director Lía Dansker
Year 2013
Format DM
Colour Color
Duration 95'
  • G: Lía Dansker, Federico San Juan
  • F: Alejandro Nakano
  • E: Lía Dansker
  • S: Fernando Soldevila
  • M: Raúl Barboza
  • P: Lía Dansker, Alejandro Nakano
  • PE: Lía Dansker
  • CP: Yopará
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Finally, Lía Dansker delivers her exploration of one of the most quintessential Argentine territories today: the cult of gaucho Antonio Mamerto Gil Núñez –simply known as the Gauchito Gil. The director worked for many years documenting what happens in the town of Mercedes, in the Corrientes province, around the Gauchito’s sanctuary and the crowds that come to see it, and she took the decision of showing that whole process in the film itself, including its maturing process, the passage of time, and even its technical modifications. Dansker utilizes images from 2008 as well as more updated footage, but always through the same device: a series of slow travelling shots that cover the phenomenon in its physical aspect, and off-voices that evidence its spiritual dimension. The director is fully there but not in a touristic or utilitarian way, and therefore her portrait of that country we cannot help but see sinks in deeply, and it amazes, catches and scares us. MP

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