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Film Info
La ley de la frontera

Film Information

Exhibition Title La ley de la frontera
English Title Border Law
Director Adolfo Aristarain
Year 117
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 117'
  • Pere Ponce, Achero Mañas, Aitana Sánchez Gijón, Federico Luppi, Fernando Valverde
  • D, G: Adolfo Aristarain
  • F: Porfirio Enríquez
  • E: Juan Aledo
  • DA: Abel Facello
  • M: Luis Mendo, Bernardo Fúster
  • CP: C.P.A., Shazam
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(…) Aristarain has said over and over that for him there is no such thing as a commissioned film, because one can always appropriate it. That’s precisely what he accomplished with Border Law, a project that was offered to him out of the blue, with a script by Galician author Miguel Murado which Aristarain was allowed to rewrite and direct freely. The action –and the term here is appropriate– takes place in 1924, in the border between Galicia and Portugal, a beautiful and virgin land where law and order still haven’t managed to settle in, just like in a western. And then there’s Joao and Xan: one is a Portuguese scoundrel from a good family who is eager to have adventures; the other one is a poor Galician who is tired of smashing rocks at the quarries and enlists as a legionnaire only to escape again with no destination. They’re both fugitives, one from the convent and one from the military. On their way, they come across a female journalist who is determined to meet the most legendary bandit in the region, an anarchist known as The Argentine, played by none other than Federico Luppi, the actor who has been functioning as a sort of alter ego of Aristarain since Revenge Time. LM (“A romantic anarchism” in Página/12, 8/24/1995)

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