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Film Info

Film Information

Exhibition Title Bomba
English Title Bomb
Director Sergio Bizzio
Year 2013
Format DCP
Colour Color
Duration 75'
  • Jorge Marrale, Alan Daicz, Andrea Garrote, Guadalupe Docampo, Romina Gaetani
  • G: Sergio Bizzio
  • F: Nicolás Puenzo
  • E: Andrés Tambornino
  • DA: Matías Martínez
  • S: Fernando Soldevila
  • M: Blas Bizzio
  • P, PE: Lucía Puenzo
  • CP: Historias Cinematográficas
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A young man comes to the city from the provinces, gets on a cab, and his life is changed from that simple action. It doesn’t change the way he was expecting to –he was hoping to take a car and get to the awards ceremony where he would be given one for the comic book he wrote in his teenage bedroom– but in a much different one. The cab driver has packed the car with explosives and is determined to blow out together with his problems, his passenger, and maybe some other people. This is the material Sergio Bizzio uses to place his bet, a large one: two people trapped in a reduced space, both in motion and at risk, letting in only some ghosts from the past, frustrations, and possible escape plans, and not allowing anything to get out. It all piles up inside this cab that is destined to explode, due to either the dynamite or the tension. Only a few times has the expression tour de force been adequate to describe an Argentine film –but it suits Bomb perfectly. MP


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