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Film Info

Film Information

Exhibition Title Hawaii
Director Marco Berger
Year 2013
Format DM
Colour Color
Duration 106'
  • Manuel Vignau, Mateo Chiarino, Mercedes Quinteros, Luz Palazón, Manuel Martínez Sobrado
  • G: Marco Berger
  • F: Tomás Pérez Silva
  • E: Marco Berger
  • DA: Marco Berger, Pedro Irusta
  • S: Lucas Dentone
  • M: Pedro Irusta
  • P: Pedro Irusta, Marco Berger
  • PE: Pedro Irusta
  • CP: La Noria Cine
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In Hawaii, Marco Berger’s universe of male obsessions migrates from the capital city to a bucolic province town. Eugenio spends the summer house-sitting for his uncles, in a house that was once his, while seeking inspiration for a script he’s writing. Martín has no job, so he volunteers to work in that house fixing all kinds of things. They met a long time ago when they were kids, and haven’t seen each other since.

But the relationship reestablishes based on deceit: Martín has no place to sleep, but he lies to Eugenio. And Eugenio’s interest in Martín seems to go beyond friendship. Slowly, their relationship starts to build on that weak structure that mixes camaraderie with furtive staring, conversations about the past and the future, and emotional hugs. In that game, Hawaii (the paradise island) appears as an idyllic and perfect future, but a fictitious one. During that summer, and in that place, Eugenio and Martín will have to decide what do they want from the real world and take the riskiest decisions. LL

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