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16 April 2013

The screenings scheduled for today at the CC San Martín and Sala Lugones of the Teatro San Martín will offer the chance to get close to the groundbreaking audiovisual production of Lux, the international arts agency for the promotion of artists’ moving image practice which, from the United Kingdom, distributes and exhibits the most comprehensive catalogue of works by British artists, around the world. At this year’s BAFICI, the exhibition of Lux’s production is one of the most interesting spotlights of the Focus section, titled “Britannia Lado B” (Britannia B-side). So take this opportunity today and meet the artists of this organization. A program of avant-garde short films titled “Una exploración de la diferencia” (An exploration of the difference) will be screened at the Centro Cultural San Martín at 2 p.m. Then, At 2.30, the Sala Martín Coronado will exhibit works by Redmon Entwistle, one of the most prominent directors of his generation. And at 4.50, again at the CC San Martín, there will be a program of shorts authored by outstanding Irish filmmaker Duncan Campbell. In all cases, film-watching pleasure is guaranteed. The good news is that there are tickets available for all these screenings, which can be purchased on this website or in person at the box offices of the above-mentioned venues.

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