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19 April 2013

The documentary La toma, by Sandra Gugliotta (part of the generation of Historias breves and the director of Un día de suerte, Las vidas posibles), portrays the student occupation of the Nicolás Avellaneda high school in Buenos Aires, amid the conflict of students and faculty with the City government. “A conclusive example of the programming team’s independence,” was said by film critic Diego Battle in yesterday’s edition of La Nación newspaper when describing the decision to include this piece by talented Argentine director in the Festival program. “We welcome this film because it fulfills one of today’s film mandates: seeing, hearing and transmitting, without hysteria, a story that we only know from biased headlines and grotesque statements of TV presenters,” wrote BAFICI director Marcelo Panozzo – various and varied reasons not to miss it. There are tickets available for today, Friday at 1 p.m. at CC San Martín, and for tomorrow, Saturday, at 5.40 p.m. at Village Recoleta. Tickets can be purchased on this website or in person at each venue’s box office.

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