About the Festival

Ciudad Emergente includes and spreads the feeling of the young culture in all its forms. This Festival, organized by Ministerio de Cultura del Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, presents new artistic manifestations in a wide esthetic and stylistic range: rock, pop, street art, animation, poetry, fashion, film and digital art.

The first free entrance festival was carried out in 2008: new Argentine rock bands (Los Alamos, Victoria Mil, Iluminate y The tormentos, among others), international bands (los españoles Los Planetas, los mexicanos Zoé), a cinematographic programming cured by BAFICI (Rockumentales), cycles of “spontaneous” poetry, music and activities, such as the realization of the mural that the Centro Cultural shows, were presented in the different rooms of the Centro Cultural Recoleta during three days. Altogether, fifty thousand people attended the Festival.

In 2009 the announcement was twice as much as last year, adding up one hundred thousand people that visited the different rooms of the Recoleta. In its musical programming, divided in two stages, Ciudad Emergente offered a variety of national and international proposals. The Argentine Onda Vaga, Bicicletas, Norma, Les Mentettes y Clan Oculto, among others stood out due to their search and artistic risk. International artists Ximena Xariñana (Mexico), Macaco Bong (Brasil) y Russian Red (Spain), showed that Cultura Emergente can establish international bonds. In another area of the festival, the increasing massive hip-hop left its trace by means of the street dance and music. Those rooms destined to magazine reading, disc listening, galleries, fashion shows and digital art, worked as places for the interchange of ideas and spontaneous junction of experiences. Besides, films and documentaries were projected in the BAFICI - cured by the responsibles of the pretigeous International Independent Film Festival. Poetry, music, “new” trends, and fashion shows, brought the attention of the audience in a courteous and appropriate atmosphere.

You are invited to be part of the third edition of this new Festival of the City!