Street Dance

Urban Expressions on the Move

Once more, dancing is part of the Festival. It also intended to become a meeting place, a celebration of street culture, since it is there where street dance rises from. It becomes a surviving ritual, a way with which every generation chooses to express itself. Urban dances are much more than different types of dances, techniques and improvisations. They are ways of being, of living, of being part of “something”. Based on this, this festival works as a field of body experiments and experiences, with ideas, with the power that the pleasure of seeing and feeling the passion of movement has.

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Stryke 3 - "The King" Homenaje a Michael Jackson

Bio: Strike 3Bio: "The King" Homenaje a Michael Jackson
Patio del Aljibe
19:15 h

Fuera de limite crew " Street and urban dance"

Bio: Fuera de limite crew: Patio del Aljibe