07 lun 2010



As in previous editions, Ciudad Emergente 2010’s version had various shows that complemented music. The starters were Arte Callejero’s groups: Triángulo Dorado/Bera and B2 (Photo) gave a touch of color to Patio de los Tilos, finishing their show at the same time the Festival was reaching the end. They called the attention of those who passed by Centro Cultural Recoleta and also the most photographed.

Microcine showed rock films. People were queuing for tickets before the show began. From “This is Spinal Tap” to “Anvil! The Story of Anvil”. “Oasis: Lord don’t slow me down” against “Blur: No distance left to run”. From “The Devil and Daniel Johnston” to “Loquillo, leyenda urbana”. “The T.A.M.I. show” and “Roskilde”. Rock film lovers had a blast.

Design lovers could also enjoy of fashion shows. Dancehall Dmode was the first show of reggae outfits; music performed by DJ Rasflex and Miss Bolivia. For choreography lovers, there was a lot of hip hop and modern dance in Street Dance space. There was also an amusing homage to Michael Jackson, carried out by Stryke 3 dance group.

“Geeks” and curiosos performed at Digital Art hall where anyone could create “Cuello rojo’s clip for Babasónicos. It was a “real time” experience, in which technologies such as “face recognition” and “online video editing” were used.

“Fotorragia” was the favorite of photo lovers. Martín Bonetto presented a series of portraits of some well known argentine rock stars together with other “hyperrealist” images. And there was also “Plastic Music”, in which many people were fascinated before some of the local musicians’ pictures, such as Lucas Martí, María Fernanda Aldana and Alfonso Barbieri, among others.

“Poetry and Music” space linked even more than what was already linked. We were able to enjoy of poetry combined with live music that perfectly matched the verses. Carlos Gradín and Cecilia Eraso, together with Javi Punga’s show was the most attended. Maybe because of Punga’s increasing popularity, an indie distinguished musician.