07 lun 2010



Great and new bands can be found in every country. This is why Ciudad Emergente 2010 has invited foreign artists. All of them take to their own countries the warm applauses given by the public of the Festival. We can mention the show of Marlango (picture) on Wednesday night: this was a show with jazz and blues, sweetened by the voice of Leonor Watling, and with Fito Paez as special guest. Also, Los Odio! (picture) - the Mexican band formed by members of Molotov, Café Tacuba y Fobia- made a promising debut in our country with one of the most rock shows of the festival. Lastly, Sergent García - performing in Argentina for the first time- played after the Mexican band, with a set of MC, computer, and battery. This was enough for him to make everybody dance.

What about South-American bands? There were too. The Uruguayan “Contra las cuerdas” crossed the river so as to make us dance their own rhythms. And the Brazilian “Superguidis” performed at the terrace stage and taught us the indie rock made in Brazil.

Mad Professor featuring Nairobi in its show. Mad Professor performed noises from the environment, impassioned speeches, dense bases. He became another member of Nairobi.