Little Night Music

Little Night Music (Pequeña Música Nocturna) is a lounge-type place for the audience to come after office to relax and chat with the members of the several companies. At the Harrods bar, each evening, once the show has finished, visitors will be able to unwind while listening to some live music by artists closely linked to the theatre such as Sami Abadi, Ulises Conti, Diego Vainer, Bárbara Togander, Federico Marrale, Pablo Bronzini, Cheny Wa Gune, Sebastián Schachtel, Sergio Vainicoff, Pablo Agri, Jorge Haro, Gustavo García Mendy and Alejandro González Novoa.

mar 06 / 23:30 h
mie 07 / 23:30 h
jue 08 / 23:30 h
vie 09 / 23:30 h

Bárbara Togander

Little Night MusicHarrods
sab 10 / 23:30 h

Federico Marrale

Little Night MusicHarrods
dom 11 / 23:30 h

Pablo Bronzini

Little Night MusicHarrods
lun 12 / 23:30 h
mar 13 / 23:30 h

Sebastián Schachtel

Little Night MusicHarrods
mie 14 / 23:30 h

Sergio Vainicoff - Pablo Agri

Little Night MusicHarrods
jue 15 / 23:30 h
vie 16 / 23:30 h

Gustavo García Mendy

Little Night MusicHarrods
sab 17 / 23:30 h

Alejandro González Novoa

Little Night MusicHarrods