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René Pollesch

René Pollesch

Founded in 1913, the Volksbühne’s first presentation at the Buenos Aires International Theatre Festival, Murx. A Patriotic Play, in 1999, was an absolute success. In this year’s festival edition, the Volksbühne presents a play by playwright and director René Pollesch, created in collaboration with performer Fabian Hinrichs. As Artistic Director of the Prater, the Volksbühne’s experimental stage, and together with Frank Castorf, Pollesch has shaped the identity of the Volksbühne. His plays do away with dramaturgical conventions such as character and plot. Instead, they are developed through direct texts that actors (and occasionally non-actors) communicate in dialogue with the audience. Pollesch’s theatre has been conceptualized as “the theatre of capitalism” transmitting how the language of management has infiltrated people’s everyday lives without their ability to supply meaning to their existence.

Photo:Thomas Aurin

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