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Dora García

Dora García

La Biznaga is a company of Mexican and French actors, playwrights, and visual artists, with more than twenty productions under their belt, which is directed by Dora García. The name of the group, created in 1999, refers to a cactus that grows in the Mexican desert. With this image, they represent the difficulties that cultural workers face in their effort to bring their work to different audiences. It is precisely with this goal that, since 2007, La Biznaga carries out “theatrical brigades” –poetic and humorous interventions in urban spaces, such as squares, subways, fairs, and stores. These interventions may involve narratives such as in La noche de las estrellas (The Night of the Stars) that take place in twenty archaeological sites and where performers invite people to look at the stars while they tell stories from pre-Columbian cosmology; or confrontational actions as in the case of Comando Cultural de Reacción Inmediata (Cultural Squad of Immediate Reaction), in which participants are vaccinated with a dosage of poetry and theater aimed to improve the impoverished cultural levels of the population. In this way, the actors of La Biznaga interrupt the city’s flow with unusual images through what that they call “subversive artistic acts”.

Photo: Oliver Santana.

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