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Thomas Ostermeier

Thomas Ostermeier

Since it opened its doors in 1962, the Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz has represented the search for contemporary, experimental, and international theater. Renowned artists such as Peter Stein, Luc Bondy, Robert Wilson, and Bruno Ganz have participated in the Schaubühne’s productions. The numerous tours and the prizes awarded to its directors and actors attest to this theatre’s success. The Schaubühne’s programs include contemporary reinterpretations of Greek classics as well as plays by Shakespeare, Chekhov, and Ibsen.
Since 1999, Thomas Ostermeier is Artistic Director of the Schaubühne and has staged more than 30 productions. This director professes a formal realism that stands opposite to the postmodern style characteristic of other German companies. Ostermeier’s work does not dispense with story telling and plot, and he builds the characters’ emotions through physical work. To portray the complexity of the contemporary sense of reality, his stagings include references to cinema, soap opera, and pop art.

Photo: Dominik Gigler

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