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Ricardo Holcer

Ricardo Holcer

Ricardo Holcer is a long-term theater director who has had over thirty plays staged along his thirty- year career. Some of his work comprises: Double Concert (Doble concierto) by and with Norman Briski, The Seven Kittens (Los siete gatitos) by Nelson Rodriguez presented at the Cervantes Theater, Panuco by Raul Brambilla, Woyzeck by George Buchner and Kafka’s Metamorphosis (La metamorfosis); the latter ones have been staged at Complejo Teatral de Buenos Aires. Holcer has directed prestigious Argentine actors and worked in Brazil with Macunaima de Antunes Filho company; one of his plays was invited to the New York Latin Cultural Center inauguration; he has designed projects together with contemporary dance choreographers and in 2008 he directed for the V Festival Buenos Aires Danza Contemporánea a laboratory with over sixty-year-old dancers in which the great masters took part in. As from 1998, he has had his own Maure studio which develops acting workshops, courses, conferences and exhibitions.

Photo: Sergio Bonacci Lapalma

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