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Agustín Mendilaharzu y Walter Jakob

Agustín Mendilaharzu y Walter Jakob

Agustín Mendilaharzu and Walter Jakob are two young revelations of the new local drama scene that got everyone by surprised with The Talents; they were awarded the S prize for that play and two nominations for the Trinidad Guevara 2010. Jakob has a wide background as an actor and was directed by well known national directors: Mariana Chaud, Mariano Pensotti, Gabriela Izcovich, Javier Daulte, Cristian Drut, Facundo Agrelo, Matías Feldman, Joaquín Bonet and Luciano Cáceres, among others. He was Lola Arias´ Direction Assistant and shared the theater direction with other theatre people in two works prior to The Talents; he was awarded a prize for The Rabies is Back (Vuelve la rabia) drama which he wrote together with Juan Pablo Gómez and who received third prize in the Concurso Colihue for theater plays and was later published. Mendilaharzy has a background closer to audiovisual arts: he is a filmmaker graduated from the Image and Sound Career at UBA and founding partner of the cinema producing company El Pampero Cine; he is responsible for Malba audiovisual archive and teaches at the Universidad del Cine. He studied drama and acting with Javier Daulte and made his first steps into the theatre world as a director of photography, sound and video design. The Talents is his first work as a playwright and director. The duet is currently presenting a new play in which they share the authorship and direction: The Golden Age (La edad de oro).

Photo: Andrés Mendilharzu

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