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Ignacio Apolo

Ignacio Apolo

Ignacio Apolo is a playwright, writer and teacher who started in the mid 90s together with other young playwrights the CARAJA-JI group which became a referent to the new Argentine drama. Their last decade work brought him international success: in 2001 Fundación Carolina granted him a scholarship for Curso de Profesionales de Dramaturgia y Dirección Teatral at Casa de America in Madrid; in 2003 he participated in the Channels project from the British National Theatre Studio; the following year, he was invited by the Royal Court Theatre of London to its International Playwrights Residence and he staged plays in England, Spain, Mexico and Sweden. He have got many awards over the years; for Mystical Rose –a play he directed himself, which is odd since rarely does he direct his works– he obtained the Honorable Mention in the Obras Inéditas del Fondo Nacional de las Artes.

Photo: Camila Yazono

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