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Juan Parodi

Juan Parodi

Juan Parodi is a theater and video director who founded the Teatro Anfitrión, where he participated in the artistic direction for seven years. He studied at the Universidad del Cine and theater studies with Mauricio Kartun, Berta Goldenberg, Osvaldo Bonet and Ricardo Bartís; after deploying an intense activity as direction assistant in important Buenos Aires public circuit theaters he directed a dozen plays, among which Darling Yacare (Cariño Yacaré) and Childhood Photos (Fotos de infancias) have been repetitively awarded prizes. Vanesa Maja studied with Juan Carlos Gené, Ciro Zorzoli and Alejandro Catalán and she worked in José María Muscari’s shows between 1998 and 2004; she has been a member of the El Globo Child theater company. In 2006 she created Little Whispered Evenings (Pequeñas veladas susurradas) and presented it in several Buenos City Theaters and provincial festivals. Maja was nominated as Revelation Actress by the Trinidad Guevara awards for her performance on Sparkling Rose.

Photo: Leandro Teysseire

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