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Angélica Liddell

Angélica Liddell

Spanish playwright and actress Angélica Liddell creates unconventional and caustic works that are in line with the tradition of performance art and Artaud’s “Theater of Cruelty.” In 1993, Liddell formed the company Atra Bilis. Her plays, with titles such as Greta Wants to Commit Suicide, Dead Dog in the Laundromat: The Strong Ones, I Will Make You Invincible With My Defeat, and My Relationship With Food, have been translated to French, English, Romanian, Russian, and Portuguese, and received prestigious awards such as the Casa de América Award, the SGAE Drama Award, and the Valle-Inclán Award. In 2005, Liddell received the Ojo Crítico Segundo Milenio Career Award. Her latest production has been co-produced by the Festival de Otoño en Primavera and the Festival D’Avignon, and it was premiered in May of 2011 at the Festival de Otoño en Primavera in Madrid.

Photo: Angélica Liddell

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