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With a total attendance of 40 thousand people, the eighth edition of the Festival Internacional de Buenos Aires came to an end, after a two-week run featuring a rich and varied program with the best in international contemporary theater, dance and music as well as with the newest and best-rated in the Argentine performing arts scene. In total, the festival offered 48 performances (14 international and 34 national) at 31 venues, with rave reviews from the specialized press and an outstanding response from the public – tickets sold out for all performances requiring a paid admission ticket, and the audiences demonstrated their support through participation and critical enthusiasm.



The festival ends with a line-up of top quality shows – a constant throughout this two-week run, featuring the very best in theater from around the world. Today, Saturday, Javier Margulis’s La funeraria will be performed by Grupo de Teatro Independiente La Escalera at 5.30 p.m. at Teatro Sarmiento (Av. Sarmiento 2715, next to the Buenos Aires Zoo). And within the well-received new section of the Festival, “Proyectoclásico”, Emilio García Wehbi’s Hécuba o el gineceo canino (photo) – [...]

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