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Las cajas voyeuristas

Play Information

Original Title Las cajas voyeuristas
English Title The voyeuristic boxes
Director Dora García
Year 2010
Lenght 70 min


  • César Enríquez, Paola Herrera, Luis Fernando Zárate, Patricia Cancino, Erick Barranco, Nubia Alfonso, Horacio Arango, Alexandre Doyhamboure


  • AUTORES DE LA OBRA: Dora García y César Enríquez
  • COMPAÑÍA: La Biznaga Teatro
  • DIRECTOR DE LA OBRA: Dora García
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Janett Landin, La Biznaga Teatro
  • FECHA Y CIUDAD DE ESTRENO: 09/2010, Guanajuato
  • COPRODUCCIÓN: Representados por Gerardo Kleinburg y Jaime Suárez (www.proaartistas.mx)


Las cajas voyeuristas is part of this series of urban interventions developed by La Biznaga to bring theater to the public. In the style of a “peep show”, spectators peek into scenes that take place inside wooden boxes with multiple holes creating a show that is simultaneously collective and intimate. But, unlike those shows in which voyeurs watch women wearing very little clothing, these boxes present scenes that give us back the forgotten women of Mexican history: the “insurgentas” who participated in the wars of independence from Spain as well as the soldaderas, who were an integral part of Mexican Revolution against Porfirio Diaz’s dictatorship. As these itinerant theaters stage twenty-minute scenes to equally itinerant spectators, they display fragments of the lesser known history of the country, the histories that are missing in the grand narrative of the official history. In this way, Las cajas voyeuristas creates memory thresholds that are inserted in the frenzied present of the city and that suggest that those who want to access history’s full picture will have to actively look for it.

Photo: Oliver Santana.


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