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Play Information

Original Title Chaika
English Title Chaika
Director Mariana Percovich
Year 2009
Lenght 100 min


  • Gloria Demassi, Carlos Sorriba, Gabriel Calderón, Gustavo Saffores, Gimena Fajardo, Verónica Mato, Ramiro Perdomo


  • AUTOR DE LA OBRA: Versión libre de Mariana Percovich de La gaviota, de Chéjov
  • COMPAÑÍA: Complot
  • DIRECTOR DE LA OBRA: Mariana Percovich
  • MÚSICA: Juan Carlos Cobián (Letra: Enrique Cadícamo)
  • DISEÑO DE ILUMINACIÓN: Fernando Scorsela
  • DISEÑO DE SONIDO: Mariana Percovich
  • DISEÑO DE ESCENOGRAFÍA: Fernando Scorsela
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Complot


One of the main characteristics of Chaik is the investigation of spatial theatricality, and of how the audience relates to the space, because the play takes place not only on stage but throughout all the space of the theater, transforming the orchestra, the stage, and interstitial zones, such as doors and hallways, in sites of action. All the characters in Percovich’s version have a role in that decadent theatre of a “small capital of a small country”. And they all have a different relation to the present that the play narrates: those who have been acclaimed, and who come back after thirty years in exile, live out of memories of the golden years and dread having to come back to the small town, while the young generations experiment, not always successfully, with new forms in order to distance theater from bourgeois conformism. In an interesting play between actor and character, Arkadina, the famous actress and old time star, is performed by a well-known Uruguayan actress (Gloria Demassi), whereas the role of the young playwright, Treplev, is interpreted by an underground dramatist (Gabriel Calderón). Employing a postdramatic approach such as this, which show an oscillation between what “is” (the actor) and what is represented (the character), Chaika is not only the actualization of Chekhov’s play to the reality of our times but is also a study on how to create contemporary realism by dismantling theater as an illusion machine.

Photo: Rodrigo Lopez



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