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Pudor en animales de invierno

Play Information

Original Title Pudor en animales de invierno
English Title Shame on Winter Animals
Director Lisandro Rodríguez
Year 2011
Lenght 60 min


  • Ricardo Félix, Martín Shanly, Valeria Roldán


  • AUTOR DE LA OBRA: Santiago Loza
  • COMPAÑÍA: Elefante Club de Teatro
  • DIRECTOR DE LA OBRA: Lisandro Rodríguez
  • DISEÑO DE ESCENOGRAFÍA: Mariana Tirantte
  • DISEÑO DE VESTUARIO: Mariana Tirantte
  • PRODUCCIÓN: María Sureda


Santiago Loza wrote some years ago Shame on Winter Animals (Pudor en animales de invierno) under Mauricio Kartún’s supervision; this play was inspired by his own life and it is dedicated to his father. The plot is simple and at the same time peculiar and universal: it’s a relationship story between father and son. A man travels from his hometown to the city to visit his son and during a trip to the zoo he tries to find between them a non existent sense of complicity. They ignored that would be their last encounter, their farewell. The only witness of that peculiar relationship and the fear, reserve and shame which stands between them is a woman the youngster keeps locked into a refrigerator. The female voice will break into with loud and deep thought, internal dialogue, like evoking a memory or a recurrent dream.

Lisandro Rodríguez remained fascinated at Loza’s text on that occasion and he is now responsible for its first staging. His special proposal strengthens the simultaneous sensation of intimacy and enclosure the characters experience; for that purpose he will mount up a stage device recreating a tiny two-storey- single- room apartment suffocating space inspired by zoo cages which allow watching what goes on through a window pane though accommodating darker areas where the animals can seek shelter and avoid gazes.

Photo: Maria Sureda


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