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Pueden dejar lo que quieran

Play Information

Original Title Pueden dejar lo que quieran
English Title You Can Leave What You Want
Director Fernando Rubio
Year 2011
Lenght 80 min


  • Julián Calviño, Pablo Gasloli, Andrea Nussembaum, Lourdes Pingeon, Jorge Prado, Natalia Salmoral, Martín Urruty


  • AUTOR DE LA OBRA: Fernando Rubio
  • DIRECTOR DE LA OBRA: Fernando Rubio
  • ASISTENTE DE DIRECCIÓN: Florencia Carreras
  • MÚSICA: Pablo Dacal
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Niko Vasiliadis (en Buenos Aires), Ramón Barranco y Marion Ecalle
  • REALIZACIÓN DE VIDEO: Gabriel Lichtman
  • REALIZADO CON EL APOYO DE: Centro Cultural de España en Buenos Aires, Fira Tárrega (Cataluña, España), Kiblos (Francia), y el Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores Comercio Internacional y Culto.


The public gets into a space covered in clothes: there are clothes on the floor, on the seats and on the walls. It’s an unconventional space design proposing a sensitive experience in which people can touch, step on and feel textures and smells. The squared stage will be transformed only by drawing the theatre curtain; a small audience will be fenced into a private area to experience the play in an unique and personal way. Fernando Rubio has proposed a play-installation (which can be visited any time of day, before and after performances) and which allows the construction of different spaces-events. Each piece of clothing composing the scenographic square bears a notice detailing the story of the person who wore it: a name, a date and a place of origin. The clothing belongs to relatives, group friends and also unknown people who wanted to participate with their clothes and anecdotes. Anyone getting inside will be able to wander, to pause over a detail or follow the characters. Amid this visual and interactive structure, a story will be told by a group of actors: that of a man who after losing his family can only reconstruct it by silently writing stories on their clothes.


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