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Javiera, historias que se despliegan (Mendoza)

Play Information

Original Title Javiera, historias que se despliegan (Mendoza)
English Title Javiera, Unfolding Stories
Director Fabián Castellani
Year 2010
Lenght 60 min


  • Valeria Rivas


  • AUTOR DE LA OBRA: Cristián Palacios
  • COMPAÑÍA: La Rueda de los Deseos
  • DIRECTOR DE LA OBRA: Fabián Castellani
  • MÚSICA: Puente Celeste, Chango Spasiuk
  • DISEÑO DE ILUMINACIÓN: Fabián Castellani
  • DISEÑO DE SONIDO: Fabián Castellani
  • DISEÑO DE ESCENOGRAFÍA: Fabian Castellani, Alejandra Cabeza
  • DISEÑO DE VESTUARIO: Alejandra Cabeza
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Tamia Rivero, Gabriela Psenda, Daniela Moreno, Fabián Castellani, Valeria Rivas


A solitary woman who cooks the most exquisite pear jams suffers a terrible misfortune: one day her pear tree becomes fruitless. The tree deprives Javiera´s life from her sole purpose: to work hard on preparing the perfect jam. Since her town has the tradition of punishing every barren tree in front of an innocent child witness, Javiera welcomes little Carmina, a neighbor’s daughter. The girl feels scared in that cold and dark house; the only thing which calls her attention is a fan collection belonging to Javiera´s grandmother which she obsessively looks after and allows no one to touch. To calm the little girl’s fears; Javiera starts retelling family past stories hidden in each fan’s pleats. The tales emerge from a family tree full of mystery and life.



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