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CARNES TOLENDAS. Retrato escénico de un travesti (Córdoba)

Play Information

Original Title CARNES TOLENDAS. Retrato escénico de un travesti (Córdoba)
English Title CONFUSING FLESH. A Travestite Stage Portrait
Director Camila Sosa Villada
Year 2009
Lenght 50 min


  • Camila Sosa Villada


  • AUTORES DE LA OBRA: Camila Sosa Villada y María Palacios
  • COMPAÑÍA: Banquete escénico
  • DIRECTOR DE LA OBRA: María Palacios
  • DISEÑO DE ILUMINACIÓN: María Belén Carranza Bertarelli
  • DISEÑO DE VESTUARIO: Camila Sosa Villada
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Ximena Silbert


The theater gets opened to offer a real life testimony in which both the masculine and feminine elements dwell in the same body. A travestite actress confesses herself on stage; she is trapped into Lorca’s passionate universe which provides a testimony of her own life. “Theatre displays itself as an oracle” says the character-person “since it allows catching a glimpse upon someone else’s reality”. Her mother and father’s words pop up along her monologue; they never understood their sexual choice. She encounters the child she was in her childhood years and bids farewell to those old baby clothes; she faces the impossibility of having her own children, love misfortunes and discrimination. She gets crossed by all these critical voices which tell her off and are offensive. She stands as someone denied by her family, politics and economics; she’s nothing but a clandestine citizen. On abandoning the multiple characters, she sits down and chats face to face with the audience; she sincerely opens up and shares her truth. “It’s been eleven years since I’m a travestite, these years helped me understand I’ll never be a woman and I will never be a man again”, she confesses. She killed the subject dwelling into that body to whom she had named Camila.



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