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Tercer cuerpo (La historia de un intento absurdo)

Play Information

Original Title Tercer cuerpo (La historia de un intento absurdo)
English Title Third Wing -The Story of an Absurd Attempt-
Director Claudio Tolcachir
Year 2008
Lenght 65 min


  • Melisa Hermida, José María Marcos, Daniela Pal, Magdalena Grondona, Hernan Grinstein


  • AUTOR DE LA OBRA: Claudio Tolcachir
  • COMPAÑÍA: Timbre 4
  • DIRECTOR DE LA OBRA: Claudio Tolcachir
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Timbre 4, Maxime Seugé y Jonathan Zak
  • ASISTENTE DE DIRECCIÓN: Melisa Hermida, Laura Lertora
  • COPRODUCCIÓN: Teatro Timbre 4 y Festival Santiago a Mil


A single space serving as office, home, medical center and bar is the stage device Claudio Tolcachir chose for Third Wing (Tercer cuerpo) his second play. This time, the playwright gives birth to three workmates and a couple, five people who find nowhere to nest their love and hide their solitude away. Everyone there is a pretender: Sandra conceals she hasn’t got a husband and stubbornly wants to have a child, Moni has become homeless and needs to live at her office, Hector disguises his dark relationships and the couple overlooks their noticeable crisis. They are all afraid of not being who they aspire to and also that the others get aware of who they truly are. They all want something more though they ignore what to do. Meanwhile life goes on, they work and they attempt. Tolcachir creates a human universe and plays with the characters, he makes them experience uncomfortable situations and limits; much to their dismay -characters face the truth. Like a pressure cooker suddenly uncovered, ploys reach the daylight and sincerity only breeds pain and unrest. However, it’s unavoidable.

Third Wing is a co-production between Teatro Timbre 4 and Festival Internacional de Teatro Santiago a Mil. It was categorized “Best Play” in 2009 Fiesta Nacional del Teatro and got several awards and nominations; it got the María Guerrero Award for Best Playwright, awards from Teatros del Mundo for lightning, drama and José María Marcos’ acting; it has also been nominated to the Clarín, Florencio Sánchez, ACE and Trinidad Guevara Awards. It has taken part in over thirty festivals in countries around Latin America, Europe and The United States.



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