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Anclar. Imaginar el opuesto

Play Information

Original Title Anclar. Imaginar el opuesto
English Title Anchoring. Imagining the Opposite
Director Fabiana Capriotti
Year 2010
Lenght 50 min


  • Lucía Disalvo, Mariela Puyol, Jimena Pérez Salerno, Dalilah Spritz, Roberta Menzaghi, Magalí del Hoyo


  • AUTOR DE LA OBRA: Fabiana Capriotti
  • COMPAÑÍA: Fabiana Capriotti
  • DIRECTOR DE LA OBRA: Fabiana Capriotti


Fabiana Capriotti has researched stage improvisation possibilities for several years. Jointly with a dancers group she trained herself in Dancing Composition, she attempted at studying “the relationship we build when we dance with what we know we build up when we dance”. Therefore, by posing the question “what do we think about when we dance?” as a starting point, she unfolded a process comprising dancing and its description just as if it were a game. Naked bodies and words playfully joined themselves. Action triggers it self-consciousness; body precedes mind and immediately rationally reviews what is going on physically and emotionally. It is an attempt to name what can’t be named. The aesthetic product and its production conditions get discovered at the same time. “We, who dance, live an existence which cannot be named; we know about physical life and permanence”, the choreographer says. This body and mind experience aims at discovering where the body can anchor the thoughts, senses and emotions, it is a discipline characterized by the transformations produced by constant movement.

Photo: Joan Tous


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